Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The last braces, and isn't she beautiful?

Our youngest, Emma, just got braces on her teeth.  She is the last and everything is counted with her, as in "That's the last time I'll have a child in diapers; that's the last time we will have a child in nursery, in primary, in elementary school; that's the last time we will have a baptism, ; and, now, that's the last time we will have a child in braces.  The inherent pleasure, pain, or anxiety is not diminished by its being the ninth time, but it is tempered by experience. Pretty much everything is easier, less stressful or worrisome with Emma.  After all, I know how it turns out.  They will grow up no matter what you do and they will grow out of most things that worry you.

She was a little scared today, but I told her, "Just think of your big sisters and how pretty their smiles are.  It will all be worth it.  Of course, her big brother, Mike, had to try and scare her.  He texted her to run away.  I told her, never mind.  Mike had to stay in braces twice as long as anyone else because he was the least compliant, which led to a vocabulary lesson.

There's a bittersweetness to it; I've loved taking care of and cuddling with all of my babies and hate to see my last one grow up.  There's nothing like your own little child snuggling into your neck as you hold them.  Ahhhh!  I even think of holding a baby when I'm stressed and it relaxes me.  But, would I want to be a full-time caretaker of an infant or toddler now? No.  Just call me for baby-sitting.  It's so much fun and so wonderful, and then I can rest. Whew!

But take a look at my baby now.  Oh, she's growing up so fast.