Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Here we go again

I invited you along on my last weight loss journey and, well, here we go again.  No, I haven't gained it ALL back, but I've gained about half back.  Yeah, I know, it's ridiculous.  Unfortunately, I am an emotional eater and this past spring/summer was an emotional roller coaster for me. 

I had gained ten pounds in the spring, but was still pretty happy with where I was. Going to Europe was actually beneficial; because of all the walking I lost three pounds.  But, once we got back I gained 15 pounds very quickly. 

I finally went to a Weight Watcher's meeting last week and found that I was 25 pounds over my goal.  All week I thought about it, but couldn't get my head into it.  Today when I weighed in at the meeting...I had gained another pound and a half.  Yep. So I decided I needed to bring in the big guns, ie. public humiliation.  Just kidding, but I do need more accountability than the lady who weighs me at Weight Watchers.  I don't care what she thinks.  I don't even like her. But, I do care what you few who read my blog think, so I'm using that as motivation. 

I know what I need to do and I just haven't had it in me to do it.  With your help I think I can.  I need to lose at least 26.5 pounds and 2-3 dress sizes.  What I'm working on this week is writing my food down in my tracker and drinking all the water I need to drink-10 glasses.  I'm not good about drinking at all, so that's always hard for me, and plus it means a lot of trips to the bathroom until my body gets used to it. 

I've let my exercising slip, too.  Where once I worked out six days a week, it's usually only about 3-4 times a week now that I exercise.  So I have to make sure I get at least 30 minutes in everyday.  Those are my goals for this week.  Next Wednesday I'll tell you if I accomplished them or not and what the scales said. Thanks for being my support group.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tofu anyone?

So, Chelsea has decided she is a vegetarian.  She watched a video on You Tube called "Slaughter" or something, and decided she couldn't in good conscience eat meat any longer.  She tried to get us to watch it too, but I was too squeamish and Bill said it would ruin his enjoyment when he ate a burger, to be thinking, "Poor Cow!" 
Anyway, you have to realize that there are only two children at home now.  This probably wouldn't have happened back when everyone was still home.  I wouldn't have felt like I had the time to endulge anyone.  My motto back then for meals was, "This is not a cafeteria. If you don't want to eat what I've made, you can make a peanut butter sandwich."
But, as I said, there are only two, so I looked up a lot of vegetarian recipes on and printed them out, put them in clear page protectors and put them in a notebook which I then labeled "Vegetarian" on the spine.  I also found a list called Twenty for Twenty, Vegetarian Edition. It's twenty items to stock up on at the grocery store that will enable you to make twenty different vegetarian meals.  I bought the things on the list and then gave the notebook to Chelsea and told her, "Ok, I've invested in this idea, now it's your turn."  She has made several meals, some we have made together, and they've all been delicious.  I still make meals with meat sometimes, but I make sure there are side dishes that she will be able to eat.  I figure we are all eating healthier this way.