Monday, October 25, 2010

Crazy Days

Because it's Homecoming Week at the High School everyday is dress up day for the high-school age girls. The Senior girl dressed like someone from the 80's. She borrowed clothes from the mother of a friend and jewelry and make-up from me. The freshman was supposed to dress from the 50's but she was too tired last night to look for the poodle skirt we have in the dress-up box. Too bad. She would have made a cute teeny-bopper.

At the elementary school where our ten year old goes to school, it was crazy hair day.  Last year this is what we did with a water bottle and hair bands:

But, today, the ten year old remembered about Crazy Hair Day just as we were leaving the house. Great. She grabbed several hair bands and an empty water bottle and we hurried to school. We carpool and although it wouldn't bother me too much to be late, I can't make someone else's child late. So, once we dropped him off we turned our attention to her hair. It's a lot shorter than it was a year ago and I didn't think the bottle trick would work again. Plus, I found out she didn't bring a brush or any hairspray, both of which we needed. I tried to think of what I had in the car that we could use. Duct tape?...Nah, that might be painful. Hmm. I have that phone that I need to take back to Radio Shack because it doesn't work. Maybe...yeah!

 The day was saved!  Panic is the mother of ...well, something.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What a Wonderful World by After Daybreak (Official Music Video)

I'm a proud mom, I know; but this is something so special. The story is moving and the music is heavenly. Drew, you and the group have done something wonderful. I can't wait until the CD comes out in a month. I hope it takes off like a rocket!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello, again!

I don't usually respond to challenges to answer questions about myself , but I couldn't turn down my favorite Canadian daughter-in-law.

1. What's your favourite day of the week and why?
Sunday would be my favorite day. Since we make it a practice not to work on the Sabbath I have a legitimate reason to not do any housework and laundry.  And then a lot of our family come over after church for dinner and discussions and fun!  Today Matt and Mir made supper (so delicious!) and Emme made an incredible cake (Wow!).  It was delicious and we all had such fun just talking and joking around.  Hayley surprised everyone by coming into town early so that made it extra special.  After all the dishes were done and the kitchen clean, Matt and Mir left to put their kids to bed.  Mike and Emme stayed and after scripture study we played a game.  It was a great day!

2. Recount an embarassing moment.
There are SOOOO many to choose from.  My favorite one takes too long to tell.  So, I'll just choose the three times I've asked someone when their baby was due only to have them tell me they weren't pregnant.  I don't ask now even if they are in labor.

3. What was your favourite toy or game as a child?
My parents, in fact my whole family, roller skated when I was a child.  We went to a skating rink every week and I loved that. I started skating when I was eighteen months old and my mother said I could skate better than I could walk.  But I remember when I was really little that I liked to sit on my dad's skate at home and roll around in the house.  I was so little and his skate seemed so big and it was like a little scooter.

4. What does your name mean?
Well, Courtney, Elaine is Greek and a variant of Helen, or French and it means "light" or "shining light". And, though you didn't ask, I've always liked my name a lot. Thanks, Mom.

5. If you could have any occupation (and you had no limitations of obtaining that occupation), what would it be?
Hmmm.  This one took a while.  I think when I was younger my secret dream was to be a country/western back-up singer.  I would love to speak multiple languages fluently and be a translator.  Anything that took me traveling around the world.  But, honestly, I'm just happy doing what I'm doing: nurturing, loving my family and trying to make our home a beautiful, clean, safe, loving environment for the most important people in the world.  I feel lucky.

6. What is your guilty pleasure?

Candy, specifically: chocolate caramel pecan candy, pralines, divinity, and fudge.  I don't get to satisfy that pleasure too often anymore. I've been dreaming of making pecan pralines.  Maybe Christmas.

7. If you could change anything about your appearance what would it be?
I would love to change my teeth and hope to do so in the next year or so.

8. If you could raise awareness about one topic (education, poverty, AIDS, etc.) what would it be?
Child abuse.  Every child is so innocent and vunerable and deserve all the love and tenderness their parents can give them.  It breaks my heart to see children treated unkindly or to hear of abuse in any form.  Parents need more support and training.