Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back to the "9-to-5", or at least to the "10-to-2:30"

I'm working outside the home again.  I've been wondering if I can say I've gone "back to work" for a couple of reasons.  One reason is, "Can you say you've gone back to work, when the previous work experience (regular paycheck) was more than 30 years ago?"  Maybe it's expired and you just have to say, "I've started working". The other BIG reason is, did I ever stop working?  Isn't it traitorous and just plain incorrect to say,
"Oh, now I'm working, but for the last thirty plus years I've just been sitting around on my back side eating bon bons?" 
Yeah, so there's my dilemna. But, as soon as all my friends know about it the problem won't exist. And, I'm not losing sleep over it anyway. Just thought I'd ask.

Anyway, I am having so much FUN!  I know that's not a word usually associated with work or school, but when I was able to go back to school a year or two ago, I had a blast! And now, this is even more fun because it's more gratifying knowing that I'm helping, and, hey, I'm even getting paid to have fun. Whoa! 

I think the thing they have in common is that I'm learning something new and that is always exciting.  I like to challenge myself and once I learn something I like to see how fast I can do it.  I once worked in a college postal station and I had to put the letters into small boxes that were in a large grid on the wall. Each box was for a different department or office in the college and were open in the front.  At first of course I placed each letter carefully in the correct box after checking the name on the box, but by the time I left the post office I could just look at the stack of letters in my hand and throw them unerringly into the boxes without even glancing up.  That's what I mean by challenging myself.  I get a lot of pleasure out of that.

I love having a defined purpose as well.  Housework is so open and infinite that you never feel done. I mean maybe you organize a closet or thoroughly clean a room and that's gratifying, but we all know long that lasts with kids (and husbands) in the house. When I finish something at work, I number it and place it in a box or give it to a tech and it is no longer my responsibility. Being able to stay home and raise my children was a privilege that I appreciated more and more as I got older and saw how quickly they grew up. Still, now, I'm not needed as much.  There's only three at home and one of those is leaving in four weeks.  I have so much time now that I was beginning to get bored.
Serving others: patients, or co-workers, or the business itself (which I associate with my husband), is also a pleasure.  The hours at work fly by.  So far, I'm only part-time.  But, when Emma and Chels are older (maybe when Chelsea can drive) I'll work full-time.  As it is, I can hardly make myself leave at the end of my shift.

I'm so lucky to have a husband with a clinic where I can work flexible hours.  I can take Emma to school and be there to pick her up. It's ideal.  I'm determined that I won't take advantage of the fact that I'm the bosses' wife.  I clock in and clock out and get to work when I'm supposed to be there. I'm working on getting some of the employees to call me by my first name.  I tell them everyday and today I said, "I know if someone else started working here that was my age you would still call them by their first name. Please call my by mine." I've always introduced myself that way to them, but some of the newer, younger employees feel intimidated I guess. I hope to show them that I'm a team player and don't expect favors or special treatment. Meanwhile, I'm having the time of my life:)


Emme said...

that's awesome that you love it so much :) we sure like having you there.

courtney said...

how exciting :) i love hearing people say how much they love working. my mom is the same way ever since she "went back to work." this morning she e-mailed me from work, "isn't it fun to be working!!" haha :) it's refreshing when most people seem to dislike their 9-5 jobs. i read an article recently that said that only 45% of americans are satisfied with their jobs! sure makes me appreciate mine!

anyway, i'm glad you're liking it!

love you!!

The Hargrove Family said...

Loved your post! And I love how you blend into the office. Your team player-ness is much appreciated, actually! I've told Derek how impressed I was that you took the time to CALL me at work from home to let me know you had a Dr's appointment. You told her 24 hours in advance (which I've asked co-workers to do) and that is just great. Being a supervisor is super hard because NO ONE cares what you say and rules are never followed!!!! So I love that my boss' boss' wife is following the rules like everyone else should be doing. You are a great example to the office and we love having you!

elaine'smom said...

My dear, You have always liked a challenge, and thrive on it. You are an asset to any job you undertake. Shayne, in discussing her daughter taking that SAT test said, "i'm not concerned about it because she is like my cousin Elaine, a brain! How about that compliment! I am so glad you were able to be at home while your children were growing up. You will never regret that. I don't know why women have children if they are not able to be there for them. Guess I'm old fashioned??